Our Process

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Regardless of the scope of work, Roseway will follow this process to guide you through successful completion of the project. 

1. Company background

The first step Roseway takes when working with a new client is to understand the business and industry landscape.

  • What are your goals? What are you trying to achieve?
  • What is your history?
  • What successful projects do you have?
  • Who are your target clients? What do you know about them?
  • What resources do we have to work with?

2. Opportunity identification & investigation

Once we know more about your organization and your goals, we select and recommend the appropriate opportunity—bids, funding, award applications, and/or sponsor or marketing activations. We know all the right questions to ask the listing or awarding body, and we’ll collect all the right information you need to know to make the decision to submit.

3. Submission planning

A planning matrix, similar to a table of contents, will be developed for the submission. It will list all sections and requirements for the document, who is responsible for the content or providing information, the format needed, deadlines for supplying the information and any additional resources needed, including notes and completion progress. This living document can be shared with you so everyone is on the same page and up-to-date on submission progress.

4. Submission preparation

Preparing the submission is typically a collaborative process, since no one knows your business or program like you do! Roseway can review content with your team so content is accurate and detailed. Typical content in a submission may include:

  • Scope of work/project overview
  • Corporate or individual qualifications
  • Project samples/successful project summaries
  • Safety programs
  • Insurance, safety, award certificates
  • Marketing plan
  • Key personnel resumes
  • Financial structure

5. Submission

Roseway recommends that all submissions, whether print or digital, are professionally designed and include all the appropriate attachments. Have your submission stand out against the competition with a great visual first impression. We ensure submissions are complete, on time, and built in the format requested by the client/awarding body so that nothing is missed that might hinder your opportunity at success.

6. Award

Roseway will know the notification timeline in advance from the client/awarding body. Often, timelines can be months for awards or grant funding, and we will let you know when to expect the results.

7. Reporting

Many funding opportunities have reporting requirements that can be as, if not more, onerous that the submission itself. We can prepare financial reports, project summaries, material samples and other requirements for your progress or final reports to the funding body. We will liaise with your funding coordinator for format, content, and timelines to ensure you fulfill your requirements.